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Sidenafil citrate, better known by its trade name "Viagra" is one of the most effective medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Initially conceived for the treatment of hypertension, this drug has gained popularity for treatment of impotence. This FDA approved drug is highly recommended by doctors.

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Viagra is an orally administered drug marketed by the US based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Sidenafil citrate is also used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension but it is marketed under the trade name Revatio to avoid confusion. You must be wondering, Where can you buy viagra in usa? The most convenient and economically suitable option is online drug stores. They provide a 24 hour online service and offer deals which you cannot find in a local drugstore.

Viagra has a high effectiveness in treatment of erectile dysfunction regardless of cause and duration. It helps patients having erectile dysfunction to achieve a sustainable erection when they are sexually excited. This medication has proven to be highly efficient in males of different age group. Also known by the nickname "The Blue Pill", this drug is available in three different dosage. The most common dose is 50 mg but may vary from person to person. Depending on the effect and the tolerance of the body, you can either increase the dose to 100 mg or decrease it to 25 mg. It can be taken 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to the sexual activity. Patients need to be aware of the fact that they should not take more than one pill a day.

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It is quite embarrassing for some people to go and ask for viagra in a drug store. To avoid such embarrassing situation, they can buy viagra in usa via online drugstore. Buying drugs online is very easy and economically beneficial as well. Unlike the local drugstore they have various kinds of discount offers. If you go to a local drugstore, you need a doctor's prescription to buy viagra in usa.

If you buy this drug over the internet, you do not need to show a doctors prescription. This is one of the many advantages of buying from online drugstore. The process of buying drugs online is convenient and involves quite simple steps. Customers need to register in the drug store website by providing some basic information. After they have done this, they can choose the dosage they require and the number of pills they want. Customers are offered different deals on the basis of number of pills they order.

Greater the number of pills, better the deal offered to you. Once you have made your dosage and quantity choice, you can either save your choice and make the payment in future or immediately make the payment. Online drug stores offer various means of payment. One can pay online via credit cards. These payments are extremely secure, hence the customers do not have to worry about providing their credit card information. Once the monetary transaction is complete, the shipping process begins.

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